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Aviatech Corporation and has been active in the development of Antennas, RF components and Electrostatic Dischargers since 1970, and is the exclusive partner with Cooper Antennas in North America: providing Technical Support, Sales & Business Development, Program Management and Contract Administration to Government agencies, US Military, Prime Integrators, Radio OEM’s, Electronic Systems Manufacturers and Airframe OEM’s in North America. We offer a large selection of fully qualified antennas, while also providing the capability of designing antennas to the end users' specific requirements while ensuring low inertia from initial design to prototype fabrication to full rate production.

Aviatech and Cooper Antennas have a long history in single and multi-band airborne/vehicular/ground/man portable/shipborne antennas. Leveraging this vast experience and expertise has allowed us to improve on older designs, as well as develop state of the art current designs. All of our products encompass modern materials, engineering techniques, and manfacturing processes to keep up with technological advantages. Our industry leading approach to development, test and fabrication results in state-of-the-art lightweight antennas that will meet or exceed performance requirements, all while delivering exceptional cost and schedule value. As our customer you can be ensured delivery of the right product, at the right time, by a company who stands behind it.

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